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Amateurs have to take turn being the Doctor.
A pro knows that Dentist is a one-player game.

I'm kindof torn, here. On one hand, I'm really tired of being single. I don't look down on people who choose to be, but I know that I'd be much more fulfilled if I weren't alone. On the other hand, I look at people in relationships and their lives seem like such travesties. I don't want to be alone, but then again I don't what they have.
I'm also starting to feel more than a little trapped, up here. The Suits like to keep me in the dark, and those who've known me long enough will tell you that I lash out when cornered, and I'm trying to avoid that. Today, though, one of my clients took me in his office and offered me a sweet hookup with one of his correspondents in Utah (exactly where I would want to live). So, I might take him up on that. The only drawback would be that it couldn't start for sixty more days. We'll see, though. I think that I might give my own people until the end of this week to see what they can cook up, then make my decision from there. At the very least, they'd be happy to have me for another sixty days. But we'll see.
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