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Big steps. Huge!

Today, at 2:46 PM in the same office in which I first sat eight long months ago, I settled down for my second interview. This time, courtesy of those who's office it is, I sat on the other side of the desk.
The prep-work I got from my own clients was touching-- it showed how much they secretly wanted me to work for them. After a brief confidence booster, I was left on my own to call the boss I want.
Really, the interview went great. They lined up the questions and I shot them down with next-to-no hesitation. It's one of the few areas in life that illicits unbridled arrogance from me-- I was born in the briar patch. At the end of the interview, the Manager told me, point-blank, that I did very well.
All I have to worry about now is their decision. The real monkey-wrench is that I come bundled together with a 60 day constraint period between hire-and-report. Now I'm waiting to see if they hire me for later or some loser for right now. I'm ready, proven, and already trained on their systems to hit the ground running. The alternative is the same ol' hiring-off-the-street gamble. For my sake as well as their own, I hope they make the smart business decision.
And now, I beg.
If there are any prayers, warm wishes, meditative energies or back-dated paragrade season's greetings you might have lying around somewhere on my behalf, now is when I need them most.
I also think that I might be able to increase my chances if I have as many people's fingers crossed for me as possible. Along with your comment, please let me know in some way that your fingers are crossed. (Pictures make my homecoming extra-likely. ^_~)
Here's to hopin'.
*Crosses fingers*
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