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Robottison #42


4/12/07 03:20 pm - More later on this topic, but . . .


2/19/07 01:30 am

If you suddenly found yourself falling off of a skyscraper, who would you want to catch you and why?

2/18/07 12:07 pm

This quiz stolen mercilessly from Litharriel.

You scored as Jigsaw. You are Jigsaw. You dont enjoy killing people at all. You instead love to see how far people will go to live. However if it ends in a bloody death, you still sleep with a smile on your face.
You are intelligent, and know how to outwit just about anyone. And that spells bad news for anyone who falls into your games of death and torture.


Hannibal Lecter




Freddy Krueger


Captain Spaulding


Michael Myers






Buffalo Bill




Jason Voorhees


Which Horror Killer are You?
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2/17/07 09:02 am

What is your current life motto?

2/14/07 12:48 am - Big steps. Huge!

Today, at 2:46 PM in the same office in which I first sat eight long months ago, I settled down for my second interview. This time, courtesy of those who's office it is, I sat on the other side of the desk.
The prep-work I got from my own clients was touching-- it showed how much they secretly wanted me to work for them. After a brief confidence booster, I was left on my own to call the boss I want.
Really, the interview went great. They lined up the questions and I shot them down with next-to-no hesitation. It's one of the few areas in life that illicits unbridled arrogance from me-- I was born in the briar patch. At the end of the interview, the Manager told me, point-blank, that I did very well.
All I have to worry about now is their decision. The real monkey-wrench is that I come bundled together with a 60 day constraint period between hire-and-report. Now I'm waiting to see if they hire me for later or some loser for right now. I'm ready, proven, and already trained on their systems to hit the ground running. The alternative is the same ol' hiring-off-the-street gamble. For my sake as well as their own, I hope they make the smart business decision.
And now, I beg.
If there are any prayers, warm wishes, meditative energies or back-dated paragrade season's greetings you might have lying around somewhere on my behalf, now is when I need them most.
I also think that I might be able to increase my chances if I have as many people's fingers crossed for me as possible. Along with your comment, please let me know in some way that your fingers are crossed. (Pictures make my homecoming extra-likely. ^_~)
Here's to hopin'.
*Crosses fingers*

2/11/07 10:48 am

Oh. Man. Today, I feel absolutely zero guilt about being a Mormon. I haven't felt this way since I was in the sixth grade, but that was different. That was ignorance. Today, I look backwards in my life and I see that I've been making a mistake. Why should I feel bad about being happy? Why should I feel guilty for the misuses and aberrations of others?
I went to church, today. It's rare, because I most often work on sundays, and can't usually go. Apparently, I've been going to the wrong ward. A wrong-bishopric second counselor introduced me to the correct bishop (who is the spitting image of Kevin Spacey). I shook his hand and it was like, "Vwoam!" I could feel, literally feel the power inside of him, and inside of myself. Crazy! I love being a Mormon! I even burnt my arm with the iron, earlier, and don't even care. =D
Now, you know me. I'm not a freak. I'm a multi-dimensional person and my faith is the part of me that you'll probably hear about the least unless I'm directly asked about it. But wow! Now, it's kindof sad. For a long time, I've been afraid to say things like this, because I know that alot of my appeal to not a few people is based around my theological mellowness. You know what, though? I think it's okay that I'm into organized religion. I mean, I know that it's popular right now to look down on it. In that same regard, though, it's also popular right now to over appreciate alternative education methods, but the classical classroom setting is still the best for me.
So what? I'm an old soul-- that isn't news.
I feel, today, that I've opened the heavy drapes and let the sunshine into the bedroom of my life, previously unlit for years. I look at the challenges that face me, and where earlier I despaired I now roar in anticipatory victory. Life is good. And, if it isn't, I will stretch forth mine hand and make it so. ^_~

2/9/07 11:32 am

I left something half-done, today. I guess it's good that I'm not a doctor. I've been a little down, lately. I really want to move, and it's really killing me because I don't know whether I'm being considered for the job or not. Anxiety anxiety, whine whine whine.

2/5/07 11:46 am

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

What's Your Flirt Style?

MY RESULT:Friend First

You’d rather date a friend than a stranger. So you try to become friends with everyone, just in case.

You’ve got a great flirt technique going on. You realize that friends are more important than dates, and you’ll move a little slowly in the romance game if it means keeping everyone your pal. Where could it go wrong? Well, your crushes might not even realize that you like them as more than a friend. Be their friends, but don’t be shy with your feelings, you know? Especially if your friends are hot.

Take This Quiz!

You know, that's true. And, now that I think about it, I do have alot of hot friends . . . hmm . ..

1/31/07 11:48 pm

It hurts. It isn't gaining a new painful sensation, but rather the pain of an unfulfilled expectation. It's offering your hand to watch someone keep theirs in a pocket. It's opening what looks like a letter to find an empty envelope. It's waking from a vibrant dream to find yourself in the same grey, colorless life.
I sometimes wonder why I keep doing it. I wish I had a better answer for myself than, "I'm just into that." Unfortunately, it isn't life-threatening. I say "unfortunately" because, were it, I would either be too scared to develop the habit I have, or it would be a negative feedback-loop and, thereby, lead to its own end.
Sadly, it isn't. I keep doing it, and I'll continue to keep doing it probably as long as it'll work. Who knows? Maybe it'll stop hurting one day and I'll lose interest. Or maybe the exchange (or lack thereof) will change and become positive. I doubt that, but apparently I'm into disappointment.

1/29/07 08:21 pm

Amateurs have to take turn being the Doctor.
A pro knows that Dentist is a one-player game.

I'm kindof torn, here. On one hand, I'm really tired of being single. I don't look down on people who choose to be, but I know that I'd be much more fulfilled if I weren't alone. On the other hand, I look at people in relationships and their lives seem like such travesties. I don't want to be alone, but then again I don't what they have.
I'm also starting to feel more than a little trapped, up here. The Suits like to keep me in the dark, and those who've known me long enough will tell you that I lash out when cornered, and I'm trying to avoid that. Today, though, one of my clients took me in his office and offered me a sweet hookup with one of his correspondents in Utah (exactly where I would want to live). So, I might take him up on that. The only drawback would be that it couldn't start for sixty more days. We'll see, though. I think that I might give my own people until the end of this week to see what they can cook up, then make my decision from there. At the very least, they'd be happy to have me for another sixty days. But we'll see.
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